"Mindfulness of death, when developed and cultivated, is of great fruit and benefit, culminating in the deathless, having the deathless as its consummation. But do you develop mindfulness of death?"
-AN 6.19 (The Numerical Discourses of the Buddha)
Maranasati (mindfulness of death) is a Buddhist meditation practice that uses contemplation and visualization techniques to meditate on the nature of "death," understood as the interruption of the life faculty within the limits of a single becoming/existence. The cultivation and refinement of mindfulness of death is conducive to developing the right effort and urgency towards liberation.
Maranasati, Psychedelic Visionary art by Nuwan Shilpa

Maranasati | Nuwan Shilpa Hennayake | 7200 x 12600 | 300 dpi | .jpg

Psychedelic Visionary Art by Nuwan Shilpa | https://linktr.ee/nuwanshilpa

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