Hello Everyone, I'm Nuwan Shilpa, I'm a psychedelic visionary artist from Sri Lanka.
It is almost 9 years since I made the decision to pursue art as a profession, but with time it has evolved into something way more, now making art defines my entire way of life.
I'm devotee of the psychedelic experience, and have a strong affinity for sacramental use of psychedelics and entheogens. and I'm also an ardent practitioner of Theravada vipassana meditation. I feel that there is a strong synergy between psychedelic experiences and meditation, specially if they were practiced in combination. This is where I find most of my inspiration to create my art and I think it also has helped to define my mission as a visionary artist.
I believe that capturing this multidimensional nature of human experience and expressing them as tangible works of art, that I'm able to create sort of portals, or rather energy gateways that encourage and inspire the viewer to explore the incredible depths of the human experience, and from it manifest a conscious vision for a better future!.
Artist Statement
​​​​​​​"The world manifests intricacies in all levels, macro, and micro, within realms of both matter and mind.  Perhaps the most exquisite expressions of these intricacies are perceived in psychedelic and visionary states of consciousness.  There is a transcendental profundity in witnessing the unfolding of intricacies within these states. As such, I have become a devout disciple in seeking the sublime through psychedelic and visionary states of consciousness. My Art is an expression arising from this seeking."
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