Breathing in the crisp mountain air in the early hours of the morning, my eyes were fixed on the horizon; The landscape seemed to go on forever.
As I shifted my gaze from the Rocks to the Trees, from the Rivers to the Mountains, from the Clouds to the Sky, and back, I could not help but feel the deep-rooted presence of something profound. Its elusiveness only seemed to fuel my curiosity.
In pursuit of this elusive presence, I was compelled to stop pacing around, sit still on the ground, and become quieter, both physically and in thought; and to let myself dissolve into the landscape.
At that moment, I was to witness one of the most extraordinary visions of pure aesthetic delight; a tapestry being woven by the flirtations of the Earth and Sky.

Na Tu Re. Psychedelic Visionary Art by Nuwan Shilpa

Na Tu Re | Nuwan Shilpa Hennayake | 21600 x 7200 | 300dpi | .jpg

Psychedelic Visionary Art by Nuwan Shilpa |

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