"Journeying inwards is an integral part of my creative practice. These inward journeys, or "Vision Quests," as I like to call them, are the fundamental source of insight that informs my artistic vision. Among the many techniques that may be used to empower these inward journeys, I have a great affinity towards the sacramental use of psychedelics/entheogens. Vision Quest is an homage to these techniques an artist may use to enter psychedelic and visionary states of consciousness."

Vision Quest | Nuwan Shilpa Hennayake | 3240 x 2160 | 24 fps | 11 seconds | .mp4

Vision Quest v2.0 by Nuwan Shilpa
Vision Quest by Nuwan Shilpa Hennayake
​​​​​​​Psychedelic Visionary Art by Nuwan Shilpa | https://linktr.ee/nuwanshilpa

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