​​​​​​​"The worl🅳 manifests intricacies in all levels, macro, and micro, within realms of both matter and mind.  Perhaps the 🅼ost exquisite expressions of these intricacies are perceived in psychedelic and visionary sta🆃es of consciousness.  There is a transcendenta🅻 profundity in witnessing the unfolding of intricacies within these states. As such, I have become a devout disciple in seeking the 🆂ublime through psyche🅳elic and visionary states of consciousness. My Art is an expression arising from this seeking."
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Good Visionary Morning
Be a part of the Visionary Cultural Movement!
"GM" / "Good Morning" greetings have become a quintessential element of contemporary WEB3 culture.
Perhaps it is just a trend that will fade away with time, nonetheless I see this simple greeting as a powerful manifestation of intention in establishing meaningful relationships within the community.
Here I present to you my GM artwork! "Good Visionary Morning", which is both a tribute to WEB3 culture as well as the Psychedelic Visionary Art movement!
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